Essay Inspection of the Lethal Injection: Inhumane Punishment?

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What does humanity consider to be inhumane punishment? When being executed by the government and inmate being in pain is seen as unfair punishment. This kind of mistake has happened in communities at an alarming rate recently, scaring family members of those who are on trial for the death penalty. Killing people takes our citizens, and the process of it requires multiple workers and lots of drugs. On top of that, holding someone prisoner for life costs less than killing an inmate. The British Medical Association didn’t want to do lethal injection because they thought that they would not be able to inject somebody that was resisting the injection(The medical basis for lethal injection). Lethal injection is bad because it wastes a lot of…show more content…
This is a hole in the judicial system that costs millions. Killing citizens with this process costs a great number more than keeping an inmate in prison for life. This procedure uses resources, and has multiple requirements. Too many tangibles are wasted just to kill one person for a crime. Six people are in the death chamber other than the defendant. The executioner, medical doctor, physician’s assistant, and three security personnel(LIP). Also, There are a lot of drugs that are used to execute the execution. “Pancuronium Brominde[Pavulon] is a muscle relaxant mainly used as an adjuvant to anaesthesia during surgical operations, assisted ventilation and orthopaedic manipulation. Sodium thiopental(11)[Pentothal] is a barbiturate which includes general anaesthesia when administered intravenously and is also used in hypnosis. Potassium chloride(17).This salt is usually toxic if given intravenously at levels above 20 milliequivalents/hour and can affect the heart among other organs (The medical basis for lethal injection).” Using this many drugs to put down one person just seems like a waist, when there are much quicker, and less time consuming ways to kill people. Also, why would an execution need five people to supervise? When killing an inmate, most states do it the exact same way. It begins with the security personnel ties the inmate down to the gurney and connects him to the electrocardiogram. This machine monitors heart
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