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What do you think is the importance of Inspector Goole and how does Priestley present him?

Inspector Goole creates a massive presence within ‘An Inspector Calls’ and through him we are able to explore each character and Priestly himself. The Inspector is a vital character within the play and allows Priestly to channel through his thoughts, feelings and messages to society by creating the seemingly omniscient Inspector Goole. In the essay I will illustrate the importance of the Inspector and demonstrate how Priestly presents him.

The Inspector is the vehicle that helps us understand each characters personality and views, we see this with Sheila - once a naive young girl who seemed quite shallow to begin with becomes a sympathetic and
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In addition, his name “Goole” infers and has connotations of “ghoul” which is an evil spirit therefore indicating that he might not be human. Priestly uses a dramatic device of lighting change “pink and intimate” to “brighter and harder” to really show how the Inspector is different to the others and this in turn reflects his harsh personality and how the atmosphere changes so much when he’s around relating to his “other world” presence.

Mrs Birling is a character that is affected by the Inspector in a superficial way: she’s more bothered about what other people will think about her being involved than how she actually helped kill a poor woman. We see the two contrasts of how Sheila reacts and how Mrs Birling reacts which is effective as Priestly is able to demonstrate that the Inspector is like a conscience of the family; like in the real world some people are able to ignore their conscience and not feel bad whereas some people really feel their guilt when they have done something wrong. This therefore is why the Inspector is so important in the play, and in his last speech he makes reference to the World War 1 and 2 and how people had still not learnt their lesson (used dramatic irony but applies it to the Birling’s situation) and sets it straight to them that if they have
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