Inspiration High School Football Team in Remember the Titans Essay

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“Remember the Titans” is an inspiring story about racial harmony within a high school football team in the seventies teaching us to respect each other for what we are and not how we look. This wonderful movie is based on the true story of an African American football coach, Herman Boone, hired by a Virginia high school in 1971 to replace couch Bill Yoast. Neither man is happy with the situation, but couch Bill Yoast agrees to work as coach Boone’s assistant. Gerry Bertier who is the captain of the team doesn’t want black players on the team and other team members are also struggling with getting used to the new black players. They don’t only have to get use to one another but the community is working against them as well, which makes the…show more content…
(IMDB, 2000) I admired the screenplay, Gregory Allen Howard doesn't make Boone a wonderful person and Yoast a racist, but we see them both as skilled and strong professionals. There are times when Boone excepts more than he should from his players, and Yoast tells him to relax a little. And some times when Yoast tries to comfort black players who Boone has lectured, Boone accuses him of coddling blacks while he would not do the same for the white players. Washington and Patton always find the right things to negotiate. Washington is gifted at giving inspiring speeches without sounding too important or seeming tense. Still there were some certain obvious questions. We understand that the whites don't want to cooperate with the blacks but we don't know about the blacks? Didn’t they go to a Black High School last year? What happened to their team and their coach? This movie shows that the whites think that they are better and do not like contributing with the black players and so we just assume that the blacks are thankful for the chance to leave their old school and join with the other team, The movie doesn't say. In the real world, question like this would come
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