Inspirational People: Biography of Dr Martin Luther King Jr

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is often viewed as a symbol of value that the society need to embrace as he led an honest and just life. He inspired individuals by his sermons, speeches and marches to lead a truthful life. This is because he followed his heart to achieve his dream of making the world a better place regardless of one's race. He went to a local public school that was segregated with a keen dedication to learning and achieve his best. He attended Morehouse college when he was 15years and graduated in the year 19488. King later joined Croezer Theological Seminary graduating with honors. He was a man of big dreams and went to school again to get a doctoral degree majoring in systematic theology in the year 1955. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as an inspirational leader During his years in school education, he learnt the significance of public speaking that enabled him to express himself fluently and encourage his listeners. He not only spoke with a reason and a unique style not used by many people. This helped him to be an inspirational speaker as well as a motivational leader. He was ordained and made a minister of the Baptist church in Montgomery City in Alabama. This made him realize the degree of racism in the South. Dr. King was a witness to the racial activities directed towards the black people and felt things had to change. His election as the new president of Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA) gave him the opportunity to
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