Inspiring Many : The True Story Of Walt Disney

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Inspiring Many: The True Story of Walt Disney “Walt Disney was a dreamer, just a kid who never grew up,” (University Meghan’s Channel”). He took his dreams and made them real in his motion pictures, sharing them with kids and adults around the world. Walt would become the greatest and most powerful innovator in film. His filmmaking and entrepreneurial skills would make him a lasting figure. Born in Chicago December 5, 1901 (Langer), Walt had an incredible dream fulfilling life ahead of him. His parents were Elias Disney and Flora Disney. Just after Walt was born, The Disney family moved to a town in Missouri called Marceline, where Walt would spend most of his childhood. While being one of five kids (“About Walt Disney”) he started drawing by the time he was seven, selling his works of art to neighbors for money (“About Walt Disney”). Walt chose to draw pictures of animals and nature in place of doing his schoolwork ( By attending McKinley High School by day and Chicago Academy of Fine Arts by night, he started a career that would make him known for decades ( Near the farm that the Disney family was living on, was a railroad track. Walt would lie on the ground listening to the trains go by. The tracks would run right through Marceline. Later, Walt was able to get a job on the railroad. He would sell newspapers, popcorn, and soda to travelers ( After being rejected by the military, Walt worked for the Red Cross driving an
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