Inspiring Women Of Our Time : Hillary Clinton And Marilyn Monroe

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Inspiring Women of Our Time: Hillary Clinton and Marilyn Monroe What comes to mind when you picture Hillary Clinton and Marilyn Monroe side by side? How are they possibly comparable? One is the First lady of our great nation and the other a blonde bombshell. Both Clinton and Monroe are very influential and inspiring women but besides that, both are campaigners towards women’s rights. As a matter of fact, these women proudly hold the title of Feminists. Hillary Diane Rodham, was born on October 26th, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. Clinton is a Methodist. She was born with luminous blue eyes and blonde hair, which is now up to her shoulders. Additionally, Clinton once said, “People can judge me for what I 've done. And I think when somebody 's out in the public eye, that 's what they do. So I 'm fully comfortable with who I am, what I stand for, and what I 've always stood for” (Clinton).
This statement portrays that she is a confident, self-assured and an inspiring woman of our time. Clinton has greatly encouraged and strived for the awareness of the rights that all women hold. She is a spokesperson that speaks for the women in this nation, and emphasizes their value, self-respect and equality amongst men. Hillary Clinton husband, Bill Clinton was having an affair and reporters say that Hillary stood by his side through the sandal. Bill Clinton was involved in the Monica Lewinsky sandal while he was still in office. Lewinsky was an intern at the White House and that is where

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