Inssoluble Fiber Benefits

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Bodybuilders have known for years about the direct connection between fiber and fat loss. However, until recently, it has been one of the few well kept secrets of those who intend to build muscle or trim body fat. Now, reports are coming out showing this correlation as well as the drop in occurrence of chronic degenerative diseases.

Fiber is literally the indigestible cell walls of the fruits and vegetables we eat. Cell walls are structures unique to plants, meaning you cannot get fiber from meat. There are two forms of fiber; a) soluble, meaning it will dissolve in water and b) insoluble, meaning it will not dissolve in water. Both forms of fiber are necessary to a healthy diet. Increasing the amount of fiber taken leads to a natural reduction
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Insoluble fiber provides bulk. It is what is responsible for the feeling of fullness after we eat. Insoluble fiber does not digest completely in the digestive tract, meaning that it is also the bulk of the matter we eliminate from the bowels. While it does not dissolve in water, it does absorb it, helping to maintain the correct balance of water in the bowels and prevent constipation or diarrhea. Strange how more fiber in the diet prevents both extremes of bowel problems! High fiber foods are especially good for cleansing the colon.

The insoluble fiber is responsible for pushing the fats bonded to the soluble fiber out of the body.

High fiber foods moderate blood sugar levels are recommended for people with hypoglycemia and diabetes to help steady blood sugar levels.

The fibers are also the ones responsible for the removal of excess fat. They also have chromium which also aids to protect lean muscle mass during weight loss. They can also help increase your metabolism, which also help in getting rid of your excess pounds as well as toxins that are often the causes of the different degenerative diseases and fast aging
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