Instagram : A Social Media Platforms For The Key 18-49 Demographic

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Instagram Review Instagram ranks as one of the most popular social media platforms for the key 18–49 demographic that generally ranks as the most lucrative segment of the population for restaurants to target with advertising and promotions. Setting up an Instagram account for your restaurant generates free advertising because members can search for your video and photo posts and share them with friends. You can tell your restaurant’s story with compelling visual images and limited verbiage in captions. Social networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provides a forum where your customers can interact with your brand. Instagram provides a convenient app for posting photos and videos of your restaurant and its food, and you can get a lot of promotional headway if you post high-quality material that 's interesting, relevant and timely. Restaurants can ask customers to help them name new menu items, host photo contests and challenges and share Instagram photos in other social outlets and Internet sites. Other promotional possibilities include providing videos on how to cook, demonstrating preparation techniques for popular restaurant dishes and revealing behind-the-scenes drama and action in your restaurant. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, didn 't monetize its site completely until the fall of 2015. Restaurants can now supplement their generic promotional efforts with paid advertising that targets customers as precisely as Facebook advertising does. You

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