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Introduction to entrepreneurship Midterm assignment Kevin Systrom, founder and CEO of Instagram Introduction Kevin Systrom is an American entrepreneur most known as CEO and founder of Instagram, the most popular worldwide sharing application. This program has 85 million users and 4 billion photos were shared. So what makes it so special? It is a combination of passion for photography and weal to make it easy and available for everyone by just using your mobile. Kevin says “It’s one thing to share the photo but another for that photo to look gorgeous and be something you would like to keep forever.”(Systrom,2012) The reason why I decide to report Kevin Systrom is in my opinion he gives the best example how great idea can be…show more content…
He contacted Mike Krieger, another Stanford graduate with a majored degree in symbolic system, and proposed to join Burbn as cofounder. Mike got interested in this offer. It was the first check in service that he actually liked, so he accepted the offer. Systrom was able to identify a gap in a market place; it was decided to create photo- only, mobile-based service. He says, “It was an opportunity to create a new type of service, a social network that wasn’t based on a computer but computer in your hands”(Systrom,2012) His creativity and ability to come up with not obvious decision were crucial for the company development. Once during his holidays in Mexico, his girlfriend told him she wanted her pictures to look as beautiful as pictures of their friend, who was a fan of photography and used different filters. It was a point where Kevin realized what Instagram was missing and spent the rest of the day working on this idea. Not long after first filter was added to program features and users loved. It helped to make even average mobile picture special. On the 6th of October 2010 Instagram became available in apple app, over the night it was downloaded by 25,000 users. With a help of Adam D’Angelo, whom he knew from flat party in Stanford they managed to get on Amazon com servers. In a meter of month 1 million users were using Instagram on regular

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