Instagram Is A Social Media Website And App Like Many Others

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Instagram is a social media website and app like many others that can connect and create interactions among different people from around the world. It is distinguishable among other social media apps due to its color choices and camera logo. This logo can draw new users no matter the age. For celebrities, it has become a way to keep in touch with fans and allow them to publicly share moments through a photograph or video. All Instagram users have a variety of options in which they can choose to communicate with others. They can post a picture with or without a caption, post videos, comment on others’ posts, connect it with snapchat to share your story, send a direct message, or even go on live on stream and allow multiple people…show more content…
Beauty gurus also influence their audience by saying it is a fun way to express themselves and make a note that makeup is not needed to feel or appear beautiful. Many accounts embrace their flaws to the public despite the chance others can have to criticize. Not only can Instagram help create new subcultures, but it also can also allow those interactions to take place in person. The different forms of communication online have kept people interacting with one another despite the miles between them. Beauty gurus that are international do not only stay in touch with their community of followers online, but also try to arrange meet ups in person. Through social media, they can arrange and notify others of when and where meetups will be taking place. The most common form of creating meetups are at beauty conventions within the Los Angeles area. International artists are known to fly to Los Angeles for events such as meetups at conventions. Beauty convention entrances are not free for the public, tickets can range anywhere from eighty dollars to three-hundred dollars depending on what types of access or exclusivity is wanted. Within those conventions brands use it as an opportunity to increase sales and create booths of makeup products. Regardless of how much money can be involved, men and women enjoy participating and being a part of the culture that they can identify with. Instagram can have different meanings for a
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