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Alzheimer’s disease is one of the most frequent causes of dementia (weak-mindedness) at elderly and senile age. Dementia is characterized by the expressed decline of intellectual functions of the person with ability disorders of surrounding conditions and independent actions. The disease is called by the name of A. Alzheimer, who described this form of illness in 1906. In the absence of treatment the disease steadily progresses and leads to the destruction of all mental functions. The etiologies of Alzheimer’s disease are not finally found out. There is a lot of data, testifying to the hereditary nature of the disease. However, there are the cases not caused by the hereditary predisposition, especially at later onset of the disease.…show more content…
Patients do not know the date, month and year; can be easily lost in a familiar place, and not always understand, where they are; do not learn acquaintances and close people. Orientation is gradually broken. Patients cannot name their age, forget the key facts of life. “A shift” to the past is quite often observed: they consider themselves either children or young people, assert that the dead parents are still alive. Habitual skills are broken: patients lose ability to use household appliances, cannot dress or wash independently. The realized actions are substituted by the stereotypic wandering and senseless collecting of things. In progressive stages of Alzheimer’s disease patients completely lose ability to exist without assistance; speech and impellent activity is limited to the senseless shouts and stereotypic movements within bed. Members of a family and close friends are more sensitive to the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease than traditional screening tests. The researchers from the University of Washington have developed the alternative approach to diagnostics of this disease which is based on questioning of the family or relatives of the patient. Such a questionnaire takes only some minutes and allows estimating cognitive changes which cause difficulties in accomplishment of daily activities. It is proved by the researches on the presence of biomarkers, such as abnormal levels of certain factors in a spinal liquid or Alzheimer’s plaques

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