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I also saw a lot of flags, which inspired me to draw the flag of Ghana and digitally display it, so I went back to the drawing board. After I went out to the main exhibit, I stood at the wall waiting for my leaf. I decided to look around the rest of the 270 degree wall for my leaf. After five minutes of waiting, another visitor stood beside me searching for her leaf as well. After 10 minutes passed, I decided to accept that my leaf was not coming anytime soon and it was the last part of the exhibit that I had to experience anyway. I could tell there were still bugs in the system, so I thanked the guides and headed back to the L’ Enfant metro station to go home. I initially planned on going twice that week, but I think I saw everything I need to see the first time. On my way back home I thought, “maybe this is just a playground for Instagram and snapchat posts.” When I first arrived, my tour guide highly advised that I take photos and and post them with Artechouse tagged. On Instagram, Artechouse has close to 6,000 photos tagged “Artechouse.” This is not including Twitter posts or variations of tags Artechouse hashtags on Instagram. Maybe they aren’t as prioritized on the content as they are attracting people to experience something new. This is interesting because I first heard about the art installation through Snapchat and Instagram posts rather than traditional media or word of mouth. Even though the founders understand the excitement on social media for Artechouse, they
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