Instagram Vs Tumblr

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In essence, the analyzation of both media websites reveals much about how contemporary society or at least contemporary digital society views and addresses cultural problems and issues such as Feminism. Since both media sites are geared towards personal sharing or content creating, a majority of the information seen on sites such as Instagram or Tumblr are personal and Anecdotal. With the exception of some posts leading to websites with accurate and statistical information, most of the content found or created are geared towards personal opinion and empowerment. With this in mind, these specific social media contents geared toward the feminism movement subsequently has supporters who also are a proponent of the movement and its main themes or messages. This causes the tone of the information…show more content…
It is plausible that these negative post also reflect other people's opposition to the movement as well. One adverse post found on Tumblr that featured a picture of Caitlyn Jenner with the Caption, “ Ceci nest pas une femme,” which translates in English to “this is not a women” reflects a negative opinion about Trans women and the Trans community. Though this message is negative, there are many people in today's society that would agree with its message. Although social media sites such as Instagram and Tumblr can represent both sides of these contemporary issues, there is an obvious bias as politically correct culture prevents a lot of negative opinions on movements such as feminism to be featured, especially when it come to the top rated posts found on these sites. Nevertheless, social media sites are becoming a daily and integrated aspect of society and their impact on bringing awareness to social movements has become extremely beneficial as oppressed individuals or communities are given a chance to express their concerns and
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