Installation And Implementation Of Agilefant

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PROJECT CHARTER INSTALLATION AND IMPLEMENTATION OF AGILEFANT FIVE GUYS AND A GIRL 3501 DAVIE RD DAVIE , FL , 33324 9/24/2015 TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 2 PROJECT PURPOSE/JUSTIFICATION 2 Business Need/Case 2 Business Objectives 2 PROJECT DESCRIPTION 2 Approach: 2 Constraints 3 Assumptions 3 RISKS 3 SUMMARY MILESTONE SCHEDULE 3 SUMMARY BUDGET 4 PROJECT MANAGER 4 Roles and Responsibilities 5 AUTHORIZATION 5 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY For the past several years Broward college has had difficulty with efficiency and overall productivity when it come to Projects. The current process is a manually executed on a whiteboard, were Project are documented and tracked. This lead to a lot of unproductive sometimes double work,…show more content…
Broward College believes in the developing and implementing of the most emergent technologies and teaching/learning methods and strategies to create learning environments that are responsive to local, national, and international needs, as stated in the third Cores Values on the school’s website. The recommended option has been identified as AGILEFANT. Approach: • Contact Agilefant and get an account manager assigned • Create a project plan and time line using an open source Agile project management tool • Hold weekly progress calls with Broward College team and Agilefant team Constraints The following constraints pertain to the Agilefant project: - All security hardware and software must be compatible with our current IT platforms - All hardware and software must be purchased in accordance with the allocated budget and timeline - Project must be completed within timeline and budget Assumptions The following are a list of assumptions. Upon agreement and signature of this document, all parties acknowledge that these assumptions are true and correct: - This project has the full support of the project sponsor, stakeholders, and all departments - The purpose of this project will be communicated throughout the CIS Department prior to deployment - The IT manager will provide additional resources if necessary RISKS The following risks for the ISA project have been identified. The project manager will determine and

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