Installation Of Windows Server 2008 Essay

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Installation of windows server is not complicated, is more or less the same as installation of windows vista. The system requirements for a windows server 2008 are as indicated: 1. Processor: 1GHZ for x86 and 1.4GHZ for x64 processors as minimum, with a recommended one being 2GHZ an above 2. Memory: Not less than 512MB RAM, with the recommended one being 2GB and higher 3. Disk Space: Should be at least 10 GB, but 40GB or higher is the recommended one. 4. Drive: It needs a DVD-ROM drive 5. Display and peripherals: Minimum resolution of 800*600 monitor, keyboard, Mouse, or other compatible pointing device. The basic procedure for installing windows server 2008 is as follows: 1. Insert the appropriate Windows Server 2008 installation media into your DVD drive. A free copy of the same can also be obtained from Microsoft’s Windows 2008 Server Trial website 2. Reboot your PC 3. Set your parameters for installation language and other regional options, and then press next. 4. Press install now to begin the process of installation 5. When prompted to activate the product, enter the Product ID if you want to automatically activate windows once it finishes installation. Click Next. You may optionally leave the box empty, and add it later. 6. Select the Full version of the correct version of Windows you’re prompted, and click Next. 7. Select the checkbox to accept the license terms and press Next. 8. In the window that
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