Installing A Desktop Technician For The Annuity Group

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In the last sixteen weeks, I have spent my time as an intern at Great American Insurance Company in Cincinnati, OH. I was interning as an IT Desktop Technician for the Annuity Group. Interning in this position meant being apart of a Desktop IT team, which consisted of two full-time employees and myself. Throughout my interning time, I have learned a lot of new things, improved on some of my weaknesses, and also strengthened some of my strengths. On the job, my main role was to work on PC refreshes. This meant handling users within the company’s old desktop computers and upgrading them to a new laptop. The process is very important because all users without laptops were still using Windows XP operating systems, which is very outdated. The upgrade process allowed for an upgrade in operating system as well, which was Windows 7. The routine was very organized. Essentially, our Asset Management Team would send tickets through our “ServiceNow” application with lists of people who needed upgrades. The upgrades are based on how old your machine is. Once I get the list, I go down to our IT laboratory and either use a nicely, refurbished laptop or a brand new laptop. Then, I go and put the laptop on our workstations in the laboratory and put our company’s base image onto the laptop. The base image for all of our laptops includes roughly twenty or so applications/software that all of our users need. This includes Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Office 2010, SQL Native Client, Skype

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