Installing A Office Surveillance System

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Due to the rapid advancement in technology especially in the security industry, there is a huge surge in the numbers of company surveillance of the employees and different ways of supervision have been established. Many companies have installed security cameras in the workplace and have access to the browsing history and emails of workers. However, there has been an uproar among the workers lately as they are more exposed to social media and news from different places. More and more cases of employers overextending their power and control of workers’ private lives can be seen all over the United States. For example, according to the president of Teamsters Local 804, Tim Sylvester, the metrics-based assault of workers is not anything strange (Bruder, 2015). Indeed, it is not beneficial to a company to install office surveillance system because it raises privacy concerns among the workers, causes mistrust between employees and employers, and reduces organizational commitment. It is argued by some that installing surveillance system in the workplace is advantageous to the company because the companies need to protect their company assets and trade secrets. This is because electronic surveillance prevents any intrusion, hacking or negative attempts to their computer systems. Indeed, Ball (2010) contends that “they want to protect corporate interests and trade secrets. Email, Internet monitoring and information access control are all deployed against risks of defamation,
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