Installing A Sophisticated Cyber Defense System

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SUMMARY This paper explains the need of a sophisticated Cyber Defense system in organizations and Government agencies and how this can be achieved by using Cyber Analytics. INTRODUCTION Today’s “Cyber Domain” is growing rapidly to keep pace in an ever more competitive world. Businesses are adopting new ways of doing Business due to the increasing dependency on networked communication devices, network access points and cloud-based services. Building a sophisticated Computer Network Defense (CND) plan in order to protect, analyze, monitor, respond and detect unauthorized access to computer networks is becoming increasingly difficult. Sophisticated cyber criminals are taking advantage of rapid business digitization and evolving IT…show more content…
To improve cyber security one strong model of approach would be Zero Tolerance Model (ZTM). This aggressive approach to network security monitors every piece of data possible, under the assumption that every file is a potential threat. CYBER ANALYTICS IN CYBER DEFENSE Zero Tolerance Model (ZTM) ZTM requires that all resources must be accessed in a secure manner, access control be on a need-to-know basis and strictly enforced, systems verify users and never trust, traffic be inspected, logged, and reviewed and systems be designed from the inside out instead of the outside in. It simplifies how information security is conceptualized by assuming there are no longer “trusted” interfaces, applications, traffic, networks or users. In ZTM, companies should also analyze employee access and internal network traffic, and grant minimal employee access privileges. ZTM also emphasizes the importance of log analysis and increased use of tools that inspect the actual content of data packets. Using ZTM in organizations will produce large amount of real-time data (structured, unstructured, semi-structured, historic data). Analysis of this data will drown IT managers in log files, vulnerability scan reports, alerts, reports and more. BIG DATA meets ZTM Adding BIG DATA ANALYTICS to ZTM will give IT managers a comprehensive view of their security landscape, exposing what is at risk, how severe the risks are, how important the assets at risk
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