Installing A2Billing

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Installation Guide Preparing your system for Asterisk2Billing This chapter aims to help you to prepare you system for Asterisk2Billing. Choose an Operating System / Distribution Know Os working with A2billing ( tested) • Fedora Core 2,3,4,5 • Debian 3.01 • Centos The Asterisk PBX was originally designed for the Linux operating system. Due to the popularity of Asterisk, it has since been ported to BSD and Mac OS X. Nevertheless, Digium PSTN cards are designed to work on Linux i386. The use of Linux is recommended. I personally love Fedora :D but it's a question of preferences... Install Asterisk & have it up running Information is from the VoIP-Info Wiki : Get Asterisk from precompiled binary packages…show more content…
apt-get install mysql mysql-server Check mysql status (On RedHat?): ''/etc/init.d/mysqld status'' Or service mysqld status If it doesnt run yet, you have to start postgresql (On RedHat?): /etc/init.d/postgresql start Or service postgresql start Or with CentOS: /etc/init.d/rhdb start Normally, you should get this on RedHat? Starting postgresql: [ OK ] To enable postgresql server permanently to start after reboot, please check chkconfig (chkconfig postgresql --level 2345 on) Let's prepare our postgresql database server for A2Billing Let's verify that postgresql allows access to all local users to all databases : vi /var/lib/pgsql/data/pg_hba.conf make sure that it ends with local all all trust host all all trust host all all your-webserver-ip trust vi /var/lib/pgsql/data/postgresql.conf Make sure you uncomment and set [] tcpip_socket = True port = 5432 Remember the hosts were your postgresql and Apache are must trust each other or at least open this port if there is a firewall between your database and your web server. /etc/init.d/postgresql restart Or service postgresql restart Or with CentOS /etc/init.d/rhdb restart Stopping postgresql service: [ OK ] Starting postgresql service: [ OK

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