Installing Car Audio Essay example

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Installing Car Audio

When a person gets into a car, one of the first things they do is turn on the radio. Some people like the volume turned down real low and others like myself want loud blaring music. There are several steps to turn a factory sound system into a surround sound theatre. I have installed all kinds of car audio equipment into automobiles and it doesn’t come cheap. First thing anyone wants to do is to set a price range and compare prices at different retailers. The price range will vary between $200 and $5000 depending on what factory items are replaced or added. Although some stores may be significantly cheaper, quality of products is a factor too. Definitely stick to Car Audio dealerships and shops for
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Take your new speaker and attach the positive and negative wires. Insert it into the door and secure it with screws. Do the same thing to the other door. The rear speakers are just as easy as the front ones. Find where the screws are and voila. The CD player should be installed next. First use a special removal tool to remove the factory head unit. Unplug the connecting harnesses behind the head unit and pull it completely out. Depending on the make and model of the car more harnesses may need to be purchased for an aftermarket player to work. Plug a harness and the antenna wire into the back of the CD player. Use a crimping tool and butt joints to connect the colored wires to each other on the harnesses. The colors must match each other to work. When buying subs the thing to keep in mind is trunk space and how soon you want to go deaf. There are three sizes that most people tend to buy; 8 inch, 10 inch, and 12 inch. Once you buy the subs you need a box with the recommended airspace for them. Use speaker wire and connect the wire terminals on the sub to the inside of the box. Drill screws into the box to hold the subs in it. I recommend screwing the box down to the car so its harder for someone to steal if they try.
To install an amplifier you must have an amplifier kit. Amp kits depend on what the Amplifier’s output power is. The power rating is measured in watts and will usually have several channels. For
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