Installing The Four Integrated Spaces

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I started my design process by sketching the overall form of the four integrated spaces. I intended the place to be a relaxation centre for the community in an area. The place has to be larger than private residential space as it is intended for the public.

For the first concept, I intended the space to be of different heights, to show that some spaces need more privacy than the other. The cellar has to has more privacy than the belvedere and hearth and bathe space is in between,

The belvedere has to have big openings (windows) so that the occupant of the space can see the best view of the surrounding. The hearth has to have a fireplace and a chimney, with seating. The bathe space has to have a medium-sized pool and some privacy as an …show more content…

The “L-shaped” connected to each other to create a journey. I chose this idea becasuse it goes well with the other conceptual model and can be developed further.
I started to draw the plan of the spaces on the ground floor. I also experimented with the appropriate scale of the spaces. The elements of the spaces was decided at this point of the design process. I also emphasise on the accessibility to all the spaces, to create “continuity” and connections.

The next step ws to integrate the cellar design (overall form), to match the ground level plan and to create the best pathway to access all the four spaces, to create an amazing architectural experience.

Sketch of the final form designed after all the spaces was integrated.

Final model, overall form.

I intended the cellar to be a dark place, with low amount of light entering the space. However, still creates an interesting experience throughout the whole space.

I experimented with arrangement of cards vertically cards with certain intervals to direct the whole journey. It also creates continuity in the space. The cards have different arrangent of whole that is going to give some sense of direction for the whole “journey”. It is meant to be slightly

I sketches a few ideas, using organic and inorgarnic forms. I find that inorganic form is more suitable for the design language, “l-shape” to coordinate better with overall form.

Again, I used the experimental

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