Installing Windows Server 2012 Machine

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GOAL The main purpose of this lab is to install and configure services such as Active Directory, DNS and DHCP on the Windows Server 2012 machine. Also the DNS and DHCP services were monitored with the help of a monitoring system like OpsviewAtom and Windows Performance Monitor. The role of DHCP is to make sure that clients (Windows 7) can obtain an IP address whereas that of DNS is to make sure that they can access websites within the domain. The steps regarding AD, DNS and DHCP were a refresher as it was covered in a previous class. The installation and configuration of Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer and Performance monitor was new which needed some research and understanding. PROCEDURAL AND INFORMATIONAL DOCUMENTATION The first activity of the lab is to install Windows Server 2012 Datacenter. The steps involve using VMWare’s Vsphere and the .iso image of windows server that is already been installed. The steps for setting up the OS on the VM are pretty straightforward. After the CD/DVD has been inserted the installation process is followed and then Server can now be used. The second activity involved the installation of DHCP on the Windows Server machine. This is done by Add the DHCP Server feature Option from within the Server Manager, Add Roles and Features. After the installation is completed, the scope of the subnet is to be defined. Within the scope, the allocated range of IP addresses is entered along with certain reservations (Windows 7 client) exceptions.
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