Instances where Music Has Been Influenced by Politics

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This is true for classical music, as well as popular (pop) music. Pop music is music that is mass marketed and shared primarily by recordings. The Emergence of pop music occurred because of the invention of three recording devices, the phonograph cylinder (1878), the flat gramophone record (1887), and the Player piano (1896). Musicians like James Reese Europe had to find ways to allow himself (and other African Americans) able to perform, as well as get his music heard. Shostakovich had to work within Stalin’s Social Realism. Ravel’s “La Valse” is a reaction the War in Europe. In many ways has music has been influenced by the politics of the time these are the three composers I am going to focus on. James Reese Europe lived from 1880 -1919. He studied music theory and violin from the Assistant Director of the United States Marine Corps Band. When he was 22 he moved to New York, where he was able to get some work but not a whole lot. This was due to his African heritage. So, he responded by creating the Clef Club. The Clef Club was a multipurpose organization; it served as social club, a booking agency, and a trade union for African American musicians in New York City. Through this club, he was able to stage concerts at Carnegie Hall with 125 piece orchestras. In 1913 the Castles, who were a married couple who watered down the elaborate ballroom dances to a minimum number of steps…
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