Instant Communication On Globalization Essay

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Primary Research: The impact of instant communication on globalization
Interviews give us a glimpse into a person’s life, their beliefs, and experiences. This enables the researcher to acquire a first-hand insight into their topic of study in addition to information from various secondary research sources. The purpose of my primary research by means of an interview was to identify how the different means of instant communications such as emails, mobile phone calls, Skype video calls, text messages, fax, social media and the cloud affect international business.
This field research on instant communication and international business included three individuals from different areas of business and communication who had international experience. Participant one, Mr. James Davis is the Assistant Director of Lubin Programs and Services at Pace University, Career Services and an Adjunct Professor. Participant two, Mr. Anthony J. Leo is the Fixed Income Sales and Trading Risk Analyst at Morgan Stanley. Finally, participant three, Mr. Douglas Tough is a retired CEO and Chairman of International Flavors and Fragrances, Inc. The three interviewees were contacted through email and LinkedIn who provided their consent to a recorded interview. Each of the interviews lasted for about 25-40 minutes and were semi-structured. The interview with Mr. Davis was conducted in person. Mr. Leo was interviewed by means of a phone call, while Mr. Tough was interviewed by means of FaceTime video call.

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