Instant Noodles

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CHAPTER I PROBLEM AND ITS BACKGROUND A. INTRODUCTION Instant noodles, a steamed and deep-oil fried noodle that is also known as ramen in Japan and ramyon in Korea, originated in Japan in the 1950s and are currently produced in over 80 countries. As of 2008, approximately 93.6 billion servings of instant noodles have been consumed worldwide. Chinese consumed 45.2 billion packages of instant noodles in 2008, representing 51% of the global consumption of instant noodles, whereas Indonesians consumed 13.7 billion packages, Japanese consumed 5.1 billion packages, Americans consumed 4.3 billion packages, and South Koreans consumed 3.3 billion packages. South Koreans eat the highest per capita quantity of instant noodles at 69 servings…show more content…
With the use of technology and innovation, by cooking instant noodles can help us to save time and money This science investigatory project has great significance to the following: ➢ To create a nutritious food, like mixed some vagetables and give energy for our body. ➢ To give some knowledge for all mankind. ➢ To the future researchers, for this will serve as their future resource material. CHAPTER II REVIEW ON RELATED LITERATURE AND STUDIES A. RELATED LITERATURE From the time Momofuku Ando developed the first instant noodles, they have dominated the noodle industry, and its effects can still be seen today. Their main customers are the college students and other people who are always on the go, people who do not have time to cook breakfast, or people who are lazy to. Furthermore, according to there have been high amounts of plasticizers in instant noodles in China. The process of making the noodles is what affects the water absorbency of the noodles. In fact according to Beijing time progress technology development co. LTD., instant noodles are made out of a variety of doughs, which are formed to make noodles, cooked, then deep-fried in oil. They are then put through air knives,which does not however, remove all the oil. This is why instant noodles contain such high amounts of oil, which causes kidney stones, and prevents it from absorbing water. Oil is not the only unhealthy
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