Instigating the American Revolution Essay examples

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In attempting to describe the origins of Revolution, American abolitionist Wendell Phillips once stated, “Revolutions always begin with the populace, never with the leaders. They argue, they resolve, they organize; it is the populace that, like the edge of the cloud, shows the lightning first.” However, when looking at the foundations of the American Revolution, this was simply not the case. Yes, while it is true that the colonists did organize and argue over how to communicate their grievances effectively with Great Britain, the idea of cutting their ties from Britian was the last thing that came to their minds. In this sense, it was the the British Parliament and King, not the populace, who instigated the American Revolution. The …show more content…

the affection of all her colonies." 3 Therefore, in order to communicate their grievances, the Colonists chose to boycott all British goods, a commitment that would be hard for some. While the British did listen to the colonists by repealing the Stamp Act in 1766, they made one more attempt to lure colonists into consuming their exports: the Tea Act in 1773. While this act was seen as a way to prevent the East India Trading Company from falling into bankruptcy, the Colonists saw this as an insult – it attempted to tempt away those who weren't as committed to keep non-consumption under the guise of cheap Indian tea. As a result, many non-consumption advocates in Boston decided to dress up as Indians on December 16, 1773 and throw the £10,000 of tea over the Boston Harbor, an action that resulted in the Boston Port Bill, a bill which closed down the ports and replaced the leadership in Boston with British commander Thomas Gauge as governor.4 Thus, by ignoring the non-consumption protests by passing the Tea Act, the British made the first steps towards Revolution by inciting colonists to act the way they did in

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