Instinct and External Theories

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She proudly explains to Amanda that the two of them discussed the decision carefully and went to the family planning clinic together. They decided to use the hormonal patch, which provides contraceptive protection for a week. They also use condoms as a backup measure because both of them are fearful of an unintended pregnancy. Neither one had ever had sexual intercourse before. Amanda is shocked by her little sister's news, and she tells her so. She believes her sister is too young for sexual intercourse, and she knows her parents would feel the same way. Her sister admits that her parents would disapprove but maintains that she has been mature and responsible in her decision making. She is surprised and resentful about Amanda's reaction, telling her that she is being an over-conservative prude and warning her not to tell their parents or she will never speak to her again. The two sisters have always had a close relationship and have shared many secrets over the years, but Amanda feels very torn this time. She believes that her sister has made a mistake that may be significant enough for her parents to become involved. In her own relationship, Amanda and her boyfriend have been talking about intercourse as well, although they have not yet taken that step. Amanda believes that the age difference between…
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