Institute of Leadership and Management Level 5 Award Module 1

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INSTITUTE OF LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENT LEVEL 5 AWARD MODULE 1 M4.01 UNDERSTANDING THE MANAGEMENT ROLE JULIET BRIGGS DELIVERY PARTNER MANAGER – PRINCE’S TRUST TEAM LEICS FIRE & RESCUE SERVICE I am undertaking the Institute of Leadership & Management Level 5 Award as an employee of Leicestershire Fire & Rescue Service (LF&RS) in my role as Delivery Partner Manager of the Prince’s Trust Team programme. The organisation sees the importance of training its staff and particularly middle managers, all of whom have also undertaken seven Getting It Right performance management modules. The organisation in relation to its purpose and its statekholders Identify your organisation and describe its purpose Fire and…show more content…
This is how all Fire & Rescue Services should be structured and the responsibilities are clearly laid out in the “role map”. As well as operational staff there are 130 support staff who carry out key functions in occupational health and safety, finance, human resources, admin, democratic services, fleet management, property maintenance and information technology. Identify your organisation’s stakeholders and explain their objectives The Fire and Rescue Services Act has introduced effective and flexible stakeholder advisory and consultative forums to ensure advice from producers and users of the Service can inform future direction. LF&RS has many stakeholders, internal and external, who have different relationships to the Service and have different parts to play: The Government/Communities and Local Government (CLG): This is the Government Department which provides all Fire Services guidance (ie the F&RS National Framework 2008-2011) , direction and funding. The Combined Fire Authority: The CFA is the 'governing body' of LF&RS and their role is to provide an efficient Fire and Rescue Service within its area in accordance with various legislative requirements covering the provision of service, specifically under The Fire and Rescue Services Act 2004. Employees of LF&RS (producers) Deliver LF&RS’s vision through prevention, protection and response. The public (users) Provide some funding via Council Tax.

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