Institutional Affiliation : Health Care Reform Essay

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Health Care Reforms
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Health Care Reforms
Health services are the most apparent purpose of any health system both to the general public and the user. Service provision points to the way input the likes of money, staff drugs and equipment are linked to facilitate the delivery of health requirements. Health services incorporate all services that deal with the diagnosis and treatment of an ailment or the maintenance, promotion, and restoration of health. They include non-personal and personal health services. Enhancing coverage, access, and quality of services rely on these essential resources being available: on the ways, services are managed and organized and on the incentives influencing users and providers.
Medicare and Medicaid are state sponsored health care programs in the United States. However, these programs differ regarding how they are funded and governed and who they cover. Medicare is a health insurance strategy that protects disabled individuals and senior citizens aged 65 years and above who have qualified for Social Security whereas Medicaid is an aid approach that protects low- to no-income people and families (McCue, 2012). Some residents may be eligible for both Medicare and Medicaid, and this fundamentally relies on their circumstance (Davis, 2005). The Obama care which is also known as the Affordable Care Act is a health care policy that improves and expands access to care and checks the

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