Institutional Pharmacy Setting

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Institutional Pharmacy Setting latrice HCP 210 December 5, 2010 Patrice Daniels Institutional Pharmacy Setting Pharmacy Institutional setting is a service provided 24 hours a day 365 (Johnston, 2006) days a year. Most Institutional pharmacy provides blister pack medications to ensure the safety and quality to the patient. Institutional pharmacy are design to provide safe and secure prescriptions most of the time the patients are on site within the pharmacy. Pharmacist works hand and hand with doctors, Physical Therapist, and nurses to provide consultations and feedback to the doctors if needed. Not only does an institutional pharmacy provide quality care they also allow for patients to return unused and unopened…show more content…
The most common one I have seen is where the doctor misses the dispense quantity. The doctor can also confuse the two patients together with same name. One of the things that may be unique is getting a patient mixed up with another patient and not having the drug available. Although working in an institutional pharmacy may be challenging it can be interesting as well. I have discussed in this paper the the roles a technician has as well as the process it take to prepare a prescription in an institutional pharmacy. It is very important that the doctors and staff work together as a team to ensure the safety of the patient and the quality that is expected of them. Technicians not only perform more tasks at an institutional pharmacy but they require more intense training. The importance of the pharmacy is to satisfy the patients and that is most important. Reference Johnston, M. (2006). The Pharmacy Technician Series: Fundamentals of Pharmacy Practice. Upper Saddle, NJ: Prectice
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