Institutional Racism : The Systematic Oppression Of People Of Color Essay

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Institutional Racism: The Systematic Oppression of People of Color According to the oxford dictionary, institutional racism is defined as discrimination amongst people of a certain race that society becomes to see as normal. Looking back at the “discovering” of America, the history of colonization, slavery, the trail of tears and even Japanese internment camps, anyone not of European(British descent) were always seen and treated as less than. Because so many years have passed, one would think that something as simple as a skin color no longer was such a big determinant of prison time, obtaining a house, getting an education, and even getting a college degree (Irizarry and Raible, 2014).
A good example of institutional racism is incarceration. An 1850 census shows that, there are currently more black men in prison than were enslaved in the year 1850 (Arene-Morley, 2014). Incarceration statics shows how the system is very unfair to minorities. The crack vs. cocaine sentencing laws also depicts incarceration disparities. Crack is a drug used predominantly by black people while cocaine is predominantly used by white people. Crack and cocaine is essentially the same drug. The only ingredient that separated them is banking soda. Even though these two drug are virtually the same, crack gets a much harsher sentencing than cocaine (Kurtzleben, 2010).
Another examples can be seen through employment and poverty. Black men make seventy-two cents to every dollar a white man makes.

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