Institutional Training Report

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INSTITUTIONAL TRAINING REPORT Done at ROOTS INDUSTRIES LIMITED COIMBATORE. Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirement submitted for the award of the degree of B.Com(CA) Bharathiyar University, Coimbatore. By JAYADEV.J Reg.No : 042AC2076 Under the guidance of Mrs.USHA, M.Com., M.Phil., PGDCA., Department of Commerce with Computer Applications SMS COLLEGE OF ARTS & SCIENCE ( Affiliated to Bharathiyar University ) Coimbatore – 641 010. CERTIFICATE This is to certify that this institutional training report Submitted by JAYADEV.J Reg.No : 042AC2076 Is a bonafide record of Institutional Training Report done by him during the academic year 2006 – 2007 under my supervision and guidance in partial fulfillment of the…show more content…
Exports : 3 million horn per annum. Deals with : design and service, tooling,injection,injection modeling,diecasting & cleaning sollution. Auditor : M/s subramanian vasuder & co, (charted accountants ), salem. Bankers : State Bank of India,Punjab National Bank,Ganapathy,coimbatore. Website : Email : Phone no: 0091422-4330330 Fax no : 0091422-2332107 FINANCE & ACCOUNTS DEPARTMENT Finance & accounts department’s deals with recording,classifying,summarizing and interpreting,financial information about the business activities of the concern. It keeps the record of assets and liabilities in such a may the financial position of business can be at any time. OBJECTIVES OF THE DEPARTMENT make a decision concerning the use of limited resources including identification of crucial decision are and determination of objectives and goals. effectively direct and control the organization,human and material resources. maintain and report on the custodianship of resources facilitate the social function and control. Fuction: planning 2.formulation of financial budget 3.working capital manages 4.negotiation with banks and financial institution management of fund 6.preparation of profit and loss a/c and balance sheet 7.preparation of various accounts books. Books maintained: 1.cashbook 2.petty cash book 3.bills receivable book 4.bills payable book 5.purchase book
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