Institutionalization in the Film Nell

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The movie shown this week was entitled Nell. Nell was a young women, isolated from her towns’ people. She was found living by herself in a forest somewhere in North Carolina after her twin sister and mother died. Her mother was allegedly raped, and then conceived Nell and her twin sister from the unfortunate incident. The movie showed us that Nell and her twin had twin speech, a private language that only her and her sister could understand. Her mother also had many strokes through the years which caused her to have Aphasia. When Nell was found by Dr. Jerome "Jerry" Lovell, the town doctor, she screamed and was frightened because she never before had interaction with people outside of her immediate family. Dr. Jerry tried to speak to her but could not understand because she imitated the only languages that she had been introduced to: her twin speech and her mother’s unclear speech. He then seeks the help of Dr. Paula Olsen who is a researcher. They observe Nell and learn her patterns and speech by camping out in the woods for months. They do not try to institutionalize her like many suggest in the movie. They learn to accept her for who she is. I thought the acting in the movie was exceptional. The actor that played Nell did a very good job. She made the viewer’s believe that she really had her own language that no one else understood. Her body movements and responses were also very interesting. I also liked how Dr. Jerry made an effort to understand Nell instead of…
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