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For a very long time in the U.S. society, women of color have suffered too much oppression and discrimination from in many forms including on racial, class, and gender grounds. They have been subordinated, experience restricted participation in existing social institutions, and structurally placed in roles that have limited opportunities. Their congregation includes African Americans, the Asian Americans, the Latinas and others. There case has been made even worse by the fact that being a weaker sex that is subject to oppression from their male colored partners, they are also of color and therefore placing them at the extreme end of oppression. These aspects are more evident in the workplaces, school settings, prisons, families, and others…show more content…
Studies and research on this issue has shown that more than half the women of color in the American workforce have been promoted once in their working period and their income increased 37% since 1998 (Lindenmeyer 182). This institution is very significant because of its roles in recognizing and ensuring equal representation of everyone in all the important sectors of life. I have been able to grow up seeing many women of color in the U.S. being subjected to numerous oppression activities such that life proved a great challenge to them. Some of them being single mothers, they were charged with the responsibility of ensuring that their children are well provided for yet opportunities to secure jobs for proper living and provision for their children were highly curtailed by the numerous cycles of discrimination and oppression that the society had placed upon them. Rarely could they secure a job and even after securing it, it would be highly oppressive with minimal pay and chances of being promoted also minimal. They had to put up with all forms of mistreatment and harassments from their seniors for the sakes of their children. Such issues made me feel great sympathy and wished there was something I could do about it. Therefore, I choose this institution as a credit to the tremendous changes that have so far taken place to improve the situation on the plight women of color in the U.S. With some critical understanding, one is able to notice
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