Instruction Is The Vehicle Of Curriculum Essay

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Instruction is the vehicle. Curriculum is the material used to convey the information. Currently, the topic of curriculum is a heated discussion across my district, one in which the district leadership and teachers’ union are grappling to find compromise. For the past 11 years, I have been working within San Jose Unified School District as a middle school math teacher. Throughout this time I have seen many, many changes in leadership and curriculum. This year in particular, many of the leadership positions at the district office have changed hands; new Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Director and Assistant Directors of Curriculum as well as a new Director of HR. At my school site our current AP of Instruction is a former classroom teacher, from our site, who is also in his first year as an administrator.
In addition to the new management this year, San Jose Unified adopted highly controversial new curriculum for both ELA and Math. Due to the current volatile situation around curriculum and its implementation paired with my own role in the district and teachers’ union, I chose to interview my school’s principle, Paul Slayton, rather than someone in charge of curriculum policies at the district office. Mr. Slayton has been our school site principle for 3 years and was also the AP of Discipline for 3 years prior. Mr. Slayton is a great resource for providing a history of our district’s policies and procedures around curriculum adoption and implementation.
San Jose
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