Instructional Design Models Are Designed Systems That Focus

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Instructional design models are designed systems that focus on the learner and educational objectives. Siemens (2002) defines instructional design as “a systematic process of translating general principles of learning and instruction into plans for instructional materials and learning”. Mercadal (2017) stated that instructional design is “any process aimed at the creation of instructional education, typically with the objective of improving some aspect such as efficiency or appeal to instructees.” As I have studied the multiple definitions of instructional design, I have observed a common theme. Instructional design should be planned and prepared in a clear and effective manner to bridge students’ learning styles to state curriculum. The…show more content…
As I have explored the different Cognitivism ID Models, I realized that I have been using concept maps as thinking maps. These maps provide students the opportunity to create mental visual patterns for thinking.
One example of a concept map is a Tree Map. I often used this strategy with students to understand classification of different curriculum areas. For example: place value can be broken down to represent numbers from 1 to 1000. Tree maps are also a great tool for science. Students can create a tree map of the Georgia Habitats and then branch off into the different components of each habitat.
The next instructional design model we are going to discuss is the prescriptive model. This instructional model strives to identify the most effective instructional strategies for students (Mutlu, 2016). After researching the prescriptive instructional design model, I feel the ADDIE model best suits the success of students in middle school. Here are the steps my teachers and I would follow during our collaborative planning. The ADDIE model focuses on five phases of planning: analysis, design, development, implementation, and evaluation. During the first phase, analysis, educators evaluate existing data to identify and target the most important curriculum areas that need to be taught or retaught. The teacher examines the data to identify issues with wording, vocabulary, etc. to make sure authenticity of
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