Instructional Design Models Are Not Just Boxes And Arrows

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In my opinion Instructional design models are not just boxes and arrows, they have practical value in real life instructional design projects and to clarify that, I will first of all define what is instructional design, define instructional analysis, define instructional design models, discuss component of models and finally using one of the most widely known and used instructional design model to create a practical real life instructional design project with topic titled ENGLISH LANGUAGE SENTENCES AND PHRASES. Instructional design is defined as a system using learning theory that creates specifications for the development and implementation of learning experiences, materials, and environments (Whitmyer, 1999). According to Dick and Carey, "An instructional analysis is a set of procedures that, when applied to an instructional goal, results in the identification of the relevant steps for performing a goal and the subordinate skills required for a student to achieve the goal" Thus, the instructional analysis breaks the skills described in your goal statement down into smaller steps, and then identifies any other relevant skills that might be necessary. The instructional analysis is developed from your goal statement, which highlights the importance of making sure your goal statement is well written and worthwhile. Dick and Carey actually break the instructional analysis step into two parts: Goal Analysis and Subordinate Skills Analysis. Instructional design models serve as
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