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Instructional Leadership Platform and Vision. During this course studying, I always asked myself question, what I will learn from this course? Now, I have a clear picture of what I have learned. I hope that I do not pass time here in the USA, Tucson, Arizona for nothing. Even I was ruled with the school, I was blind. Because I did not know many interesting teaching tools and methods, which can really help many teachers in Kazakhstan to improve their skills and become more professional than they are now. I liked the thoughts of Neila A Connors, how she compared two professions with each other, “Great administrators are like great chefs. They both spend an inordinate amount of time preparing, planning, and visioning before they even begin to…show more content…
29). Here his eight elements: - Public service with a moral purpose. My role here to ensure all students. They will learn and grow to their fullest potential - failure is no longer in option. Treat everyone with respect; create a safe, healthy and positive learning environment. - Commitment to changing context at all levels. Everybody knows that change usually takes time and much effort and I will celebrate and encourage success - small and large. In addition, create a community of learning to embrace changes. - “Lateral capacity building through networks.” As Fullan mentions, lateral capacity is kind of a powerful strategy for school improvement. In order to be an effective leader, it is necessary for me to learn from others use the power of networking. Encourage and support teachers to observe and collaborate with each other in regards to students learning. I will promote Professional Learning Communities. - Intelligent accountability and vertical relationship. As a leader, the following statement from Fullan provides me with insight in terms of balancing accountability practices effectively, "Too much intrusion demotivates people; too little permits drift or worse" (p. 20). Here, self-reflections along with outside observations and evaluations need to be balanced and used to promote best

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