Instructional Methodology : Picture Exchange Communication System Essay

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Instructional Methodology
Picture Exchange Communication System is one of the most effective strategies to improve communication skills in children with ASD. It involves skills and activities that lead to independence and that involve powerful motivation that drives learning. The skills learned are immediately useful and will continue to be useful in many different settings.
PECS is an approach that teaches early communication skills using pictures. The child hands a picture to the adult and hands it to the adult. The adult, in turns, gives the child the item. For example, a child would give a picture of a banana to an adult; the adult would give the child an actual banana. PECS helps a child more easily get what they want instead of crying or acting out their frustrations. As has been shown in children with ASD, material reinforcers are more powerful than social rewards. PECS helps children with ASD learn to approach adults and peers in socially appropriate ways. As the therapy goes on, the child can develop whole sentences. For example, a child could choose a picture symbolizing “I want” (words are also included) and “outside” mean that the child wants to go outside. The therapist will model the words and, in many instances, the child will verbally imitate the therapist.
As mandated under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 which is embedded in IDEA, “assistive technology means any item, piece of equipment, or product system, whether acquired commercially, off the shelf,
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