Instructional Methods, And Effective Classroom Management Techniques

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As a future teacher it is my goal to not only help the children learn the core body of knowledge and skills necessary to be an acceptable member of society, but also to help children discover their own interest in a safe learning environment. I believe it is very important to use different instructional methods, different assessment methods, and effective classroom management techniques. To establish the learning style of each child, I want my students to be able to express themselves and be creative. Each child learns in a different way and at a different pace. Meeting the needs of diverse students is another major goal of mine. I will accomplish all of my classroom goals using the six teacher dispositions. It is very important to use a variety of instructional methods in order to reach every student in the classroom. Students have different needs and interests and they learn best in different ways. I believe that it is not necessary to emphasize on the child’s interest, but rather use this interest as a tool to keep him/her engaged in all subjects. Using a variety of instructional methods not only helps students learn the content of the formal curriculum, but also things like social skills, team work skills, critical thinking, etc. I will incorporate Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences into the curriculum to help me teach the students in the best way possible for them. I want to help the students in my class become productive and acceptable members of society and I
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