Instructional Planning For Learner Development Essay

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Every diligent effort leads to satisfactory results. Most educators feel content and energized when their students exhibit successful outcomes. Nevertheless, students’ success requires collaborative efforts between teachers, parents, and students. Moreover, for educators to effective perform the teaching duty they need to be familiar with the Program Learning Outcome (PLO) and use them daily with the classroom environment.
PLO 1 Instructional Planning for Learner Development
Instructional Planning for Learner Development constitute the primary (PLO). This skill requires teachers to “design appropriate and challenging learning experiences informed by analysis of how learners develop individually across the cognitive, linguistic, social, emotional, and physical patterns to promote student learning and growth”(PLO 2014). Knowledge has no limit and life is a learning process. Thus, every teacher remains an advanced student. As a result, for a teacher to be effective in his classroom and an active member of the community, he or she needs to be an avid learner, be open to new ideas and suggestion.
Additionally, the teacher needs to always exploring innovative ways and methods to better help and serve the students and other members of the school community. The school administrators should create a planning learning community based on trust and respectful relationships where every teacher has an opportunity to share his vision and experience, share tactics, find advices,…
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