Instructional Sequence Is Useful For Teachers Of Secondary Mathematics Learners

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Introduction Generalized instructional sequence, also referred to as concrete- representational-abstract (or CRA), is a strategy for teaching that benefits struggling students in many ways. Mathematics is a daunting subject to many secondary learners and it is common for students to struggle in math classes. Moreover, this subject may come especially difficult for students who have a learning disability. For this reason, teachers need to be able to adapt their teaching to reach all students and must have knowledge of many different and effective teaching strategies. General instructional sequence is just one method that can help secondary students reach their full potential in their mathematics class. Through this strategy, teachers deliver concrete instruction, representational instruction, and abstract instruction. (Sabornie, E. & DeBettencourt, L., 2009) Research has shown this method to be useful thus it is important for teachers to be aware of it and use it in their classroom. Description of Strategy Graduated instructional sequence is useful for teachers of secondary mathematics learners. Especially helpful for those having difficulty in algebra, this strategy is potentially more effective on those who struggle with conceptual understanding of numbers, symbols, and the relationship between them. However, it is useful for teaching fractions, percentages, geometry, and many other concepts as well. (Leone, P., Wilson, M. & Mulcahy, C., 2010) Additionally, certain
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