Instructional System Development Analysis

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A defined development path and training program that ties into the organization business strategy is the ideal behavior to model. Is this possible? Yes, the concept of having a written development plan and only offering training associated with employees assigned positions has been happening within the Air Force (AF) for over 27 years. After working as an AF personnel specialist within several different areas concerning training, the AF has illustrated that the training and business strategy technique is possible. Additionally, during an airman development process training is annotated in the Career Field Education Training Plan (CFETP). The CFETP provides a sample career path through an illustration of a career pyramid for enlisted members; however, other employees have similar written documentation. Furthermore, a part of the training manager’s duty is to ensure funding only necessary courses…show more content…
However, individuals that perform the training function within an organization may adapt the ISD to their need and therefore there is not one standard training model. The AF ISD has five different steps to the process: Phase 1: Analysis, Phase 2: Design, Phase 3: Development, Phase 4: Implementation, and Phase 5: Evaluation. When performing each training phase, “The ISD process provides a systematic approach to planning, developing, and implementing training and education” (AF/A1DL, 2010). In other words, the AF ISD approach streamlines training and development process by incorporating the business strategy. Furthermore, the federal government funds the AF mission; therefore, it is only logical to combine training and development strategies with the business strategy for financial reasons. Additionally, the process creates an efficient and effective way to train and develop employees which leads into the why private sector should adapt the AF
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