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LAB 2 This Lab is designed to help you get started gathering information on your assigned country. As you work on this lab, you are free to share questions or information found with other members of you negotiation group. You all share the same country, though you do not share the same firms. Through this assignment, you will be introduced to different critical and relevant sources of information on your assigned country. While completing the lab should not take more than an hour or so, I encourage you to go more slowly and actually read over some of the material while you complete the information scavenger hunt portion of the Lab. As you work on this assignment, consider the usefulness of the data sources you find. You many want to…show more content…
Then copy in the paragraph regarding the level of individualism/collectivism for your country and paste it into your response document. Make sure you do not just copy in the general description of the cultural dimension – copy in the information specific to your country. [Note: you are free to check out more on this website. You can, for example, set up the bar graph at the top to compare your country to another country such as the United States.] 5. Go to the Google Scholar website, click on “advanced search”. Then in the first line that has the instruction to find “all the words” type your country name. In the second line that has the instruction to find “the exact words” type “business culture”. Look over the summary information in the results until you find an entry that looks like it might have some useful information. Copy the description for that item into your response document. 6. Go to the Helpful List of Research Links document posted on GAView. Click on the OECD link. Then use the OECD website to help you find and provide in the response document the answers to the following: a. Is your country a member country of the OECD? b. Can you get statistical data regarding your country through the OECD website? c. If the answer to b is yes, copy in the line for the GDP. If the answer to b is no, find the GDP for a country in the same region of the world as your country and copy it into
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