Instructions For Questions On Instructions

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INSTRUCTIONS You are requested to answer within 30 days the following Interrogatories: (a) Your response shall set forth the interrogatory, and its answer, and shall answer separately and fully in writing, or shall state fully the grounds for refusal to answer any interrogatory. The response shall be signed by you. (b) Your answers shall include all information available to you or through agents, representatives or attorneys. (c) These interrogatories are continuing in character so as to require you to promptly amend or supplement your answers if you obtain further material information. (d) If you elect to specify and produce business records of yours in answer to any interrogatory, then your specification shall be in sufficient detail to permit the interrogating party to locate and identify, as readily as you can, the records from which the answer may be ascertained. (e) If in answering these interrogatories you encounter any ambiguities construing either a question, instruction or definition, set forth the matter deemed ambiguous and the construction used in answering. -------------------------------------- DEFINITIONS As used in these interrogatories, the following terms are to be interpreted in accordance with these definitions: (a) The term "person" includes any individual, joint stock company, unincorporated association or society, municipal or other corporation, the State, its agencies or political subdivisions, any court, or any other governmental
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