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Operations and Supply Management – The Core Second Edition

Prepared by F. Robert Jacobs

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am indebted to all of my colleagues who have contributed to this manual. Very few of the ideas contained in here are totally original. Thanks much to all of you for spending so much time discussing how you do things in class and allowing me to share your ideas in this manual. F. Robert Jacobs


Introduction Videos included on the student DVD Additional pedagogical resources that come with the book Chapter Outlines, Tips, Case Teaching Notes and Extra Cases Chapter 1 – Operations and Supply Chain Management Internet Exercise: Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Wyatt
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“n” tier suppliers


1st tier suppliers Operations Management



Supply Chain Management
This book reflects the shift in interest to supply chain. We have included a chapter on MRP, but have not included scheduling in the book. Further we have included chapters on “strategic sourcing” and “logistics” in the book. Detailed “internal”

operations topics related to facility layout have been deemphasized and materials on job design and work measurement are not included. The book is divided into 14 concise chapters. Our intent was to design a book that could be used cover to cover in an introductory Operations and Supply Chain Management course. In developing each chapter we considered how students would view the material. All chapters are approximately the same in length. Our attempt is to balance managerial concepts and analysis. This balance does not work out perfectly as some topics are intrinsically more “managerial” and others more “analytical”. Each chapter includes material that should work well pedagogically in a number of ways. For those who want to emphasize analysis, problems are developed in each chapter and solved problems included at the end of each chapter. The short cases at the end of each chapter all require some analysis and usually have some managerial issues that can be discussed as well. The
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