Instrumental Support : A Type Of Social Support

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Instrumental Support – A Type of Social Support In order to maintain a good and close relationship with family, friends and loved ones, good communication skills are necessary. How can you keep these relationships ongoing, close and successful? By providing social support will guarantee a long term, close and successful relationship. One concept of giving support to another is “Instrumental Support,” which reflects one of the types of social support. Social support has three support concepts that help loved ones to cope through trying and challenging times and they are; emotional support, informational support and instrumental support. Interpersonal communication plays a big part in delivering these supports to family, friends and loved ones. The concept of "Instrumental support refers to assistance received from others that is tangible. Instrumental support is comprised of the things that others physically do or provide in order to assist you” (Williams). Instrumental support is more of a hands-on support to helping a loved one. And even though it is more hands on, it also helps a loved one emotionally as well. By giving this type of support keeps a relationship strong, because sometimes a loved one may be emotionally and physically stressed out and even the smallest task can be hard to do. Instrumental support makes the loved one feel that they are not alone and has someone to help make things easier to handle. Instrumental support is greatly used to
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