Instrumentation And Control Of Train

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INSTRUMENTATION AND CONTROL ENGINEERING PROJECT ON Smooth start-up and stopping of train system GROUP MEMBERS: Ankur kumar (IEC2012004) Anupam chaudhary(IEC2012020) Satyaprakash kumawat (IEC2012026) Abhijeet prakash (IEC2012094) Sanjay singh meena(IEC2012095) Bittu kumar (IEC2011005) SUBMITTED TO Dr. Prasanna Kumar Misra CONTENT 1) Introduction 2) Theory 3) Block diagram 4) Result and discussion 5) Conclusion 6.) References INTRODUCTION : We have a train which consist of coach and engine.. We have assumed that train can travel unidirectional .We have to set the control of the train so that it will have a smooth starting and stopping, along with a uniform-speed ride. The mass of coach and engine is ‘m1’ and ‘m2’. The coach and engine are put together by the spring, that has a stiffness coefficient of k. ‘f ‘is force applied by engine,’ mu’ is the coefficient of rolling friction. In ideal situation of a wheel, we have to first see the force that is acting on the wheel. In pure rolling motion,friction is necessary to start, stop, vary the movement of a wheel. Friction is necessary to
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