Insurance Companies and Hurricane Sandy

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Hurricane Sandy Introduction How did the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the New Jersey emergency agencies and private insurance companies work together or did they? to help victims of the horrific winds and water associated with Hurricane Sandy? This paper delves into that issue. Insurance Companies and Hurricane Sandy From news reports it would appear that insurance companies did not provide the emergency assistance that victims of Hurricane Sandy had hoped for. This is not to say that all insurance companies failed to deliver the help that their policyholders expected, but clearly some companies failed to deliver, and their efforts were not always in sync with FEMA and the NF Office of Emergency Management. For example, as far as the National Flood Insurance Program's efficiency in getting checks to homeowners, the payouts "…have not come quickly enough" (Van Embden, 2013). "Even now, nearly three months since the storm passed, some residents…are still waiting for their checks," Van Embden explains, noting that Jim Racanelli and his family "have spent three months as nomads" because without a home (which was destroyed in the hurricane), and without money to rebuild, they are out of luck (Van Embden). Typically insurance companies have 30 days to respond to claims, but when a major storm causes emergency situations beyond the normal needs, that deadline "is suspended," Van Embden explains. Of the 350,000 homes in New Jersey that were either damaged
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