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Executive Summary: Rocky Mountain Mutual built a new headquarters in a remote suburban area which included elegant offices and a Fitness Center. The management touted the Fitness Center as drawing factor for young employees into the company. Employees who used Fitness Center are found to be more productive and less absentees at work. Joseph Mirola, the Claims Manager for the company, is a fitness lover. He believes Fitness Center will benefit the firm. Zachary Evans, Vice President of Operations, is thinking to shutdown Fitness Center to reduce costs. Joseph Mirola has to send a memo to Zach pursuing him to change his mind about Fitness Center. Situational Analysis: 1) As the new headquarters of the Rocky Mountain Mutual was…show more content…
Recommendation: I would recommend the fourth option believing that the Fitness Center is not just for fun of few employees and it actually saves a lot of money to the company (Exhibit 1). And the instituting wellness program will not cost any extra amount to the company as it’ll be done by our existing employees themselves and I can lead the program if company orders me to do so. I believe the growing Corporate Information Systems can be easily accommodated in one our elegant offices and with no extra cost to the company. I would like keep option three as a contingency plan as it will cut down the costs to the company. It can also become great medium for our employees to develop amicable relations and cooperation among themselves. Action Plan: A team of 10 members, who are regular users of the Fitness Center, should be formed. Owing to the advantages (Exhibit 2) of using the Fitness Center the Wellness Program should be designed in such a way that our employees gets motivated to use the Fitness Center. The team will conduct a session with each of the departments and demonstrates the uses of exercising regularly. In each of the departments an employee acts as a coordinator and motivator asking the other employees in his/her team to exercise regularly. Another professional team should be appointed to examine our elegant

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